Even though I am poor, I know God shall bless me one day to see his glory.

Though my heart may be filled with veins and vessels full of sad and broken tears. I know that one day my white blood cells shall turn those tears to an ocean full of happiness.

For the fact that I am poor, does not define my journey, but it is just God’s doing. He is trying to tell me, that there is no sweet without sweat and for a rainbow to appear in the sky, there has to be rainfall.

For the fact that I am a child of a poor man, does not mean that God cannot bless me to be a better person in future. Know that seasons do change, from worse to great ones. In other words, a season can change from winter to summer.

For the fact that I never held a single coin in my hand, does not mean that God won’t give me more than that single coin, for he is the God that gives, who knows the definition of what giving is.

I know and I too have a dream that God shall bless me in future or maybe tomorrow, for God never reviews his plans to us, or when he is going to or about to bless.

I have faith in my living God, for I know that one day, not today but tomorrow, he shall change my seasons, to be the best of the best seasons ever in my life, for his power is stronger than any other gods that exist here on earth.

Even though I am from the dust and other people may tend to mock me, by reaching a point of dressing me with some hideous names because of my poverty, isolate me from their circles, and even mistreat me in anyway, there is one thing they don’t know what God has in store for me. The thing is that he has something better in my life that is very shiny like a diamond