Symptoms of depression
3 days ago
Depression as a medical condition is misunderstood. The illness is surrounded by great stigma because our society stays silent about mental health issues. There is a perception that sustained sadness sometimes without an outside cause is merely imaginary. I considered writing a technical, well-researched article about symptoms to look out for if you suspect yourself…
Can you find love online?
a week ago
So I did the craziest thing ever. I signed up for a dating site. Why, I don’t know. I didn’t understand the big hype about finding someone online. I mean, meeting someone in person seemed way more romantic and potentially safer. Dating online seemed rather ridiculous. So I would never have considered it, if it…
Raising the individual
2 weeks ago
When I was a young mother I read a lot of parenting books and magazines. I bought and kept these as I had my four children. But as my children grew I realised how an approach that would work for one child would dismally fail flat for another. I potty-trained my oldest child using the…