Speaking ill of the dead
4 days ago
My mother passed away last year. She was two months short of her 80th birthday and while she had been incapacitated and bed-ridden for months, her death did not bring me the imagined relief I thought I would feel as her depleted primary caregiver. For months before she passed on, our life-long roles of her…
I'm openly gay but you're not
2 weeks ago
How do I begin to deal with my pain without feeling like I’m pulling you out of the closet? Yes, I’m openly gay but you’re not. Mentioning your name in my social circles as the cause of my tears feels a lot like me outing you. I keep questioning my role in our untimely separation.…
When being yourself is not enough
3 weeks ago
I remember growing up in Tembisa, how rumours could rear their ugly heads, spread like wildfire, and easily burn their victims. It was nasty, and uncalled for. When I was in Grade 10, there was a rumour that circulated on the Mxit social media platform that a classmate of mine had been sleeping around with…