Unplugging for Sanity
2 weeks ago
"May you live in interesting times”: a blessing or a curse? The age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, and never has a phrase crossed my mind so often as this one does today. In today’s technologically driven world, I often find stepping back and observing my place difficult. Never before have I…
Let them
4 weeks ago
Living up to societal expectations can leave one feeling lost and overwhelmed. The 'Let Them' theory, popularised by Mel Robbins, frees an individual from the anxiety of other people's opinions. It inspires people to live true to who they are, express themselves freely, and establish clear limits. This approach suggests letting people have their views…
A Peaceful Farewell
a month ago
"Two things are inevitable in this life: taxes and death." This quip, often shared with a mix of humour and resignation, underscores a truth we all face. Alua Arthur, a death doula, pushes this conversation further into the light. Through her work, including her widely acclaimed TED Talk, Arthur directly addresses the inevitability of death,…