The man in the mirror
10 hours ago
The scariest thing to ever happen to a person, I believe, is for them to one day look at the mirror and not recognising the person staring back at them. Even though I do not wish this to happen to anyone, I do believe it is something that we will all go through at least…
Why Aren't Afros Acceptable In Africa?
7 days ago
2016 was the year Zulaikha Patel took a stand against the discriminatory hair policies at Pretoria Girls High school. A 13 year old at the forefront of a protest, she most certainly discarded the narrative that labels young potentials as future leaders. Such a term is a contradiction to the resilience that characterises us. We…
I met my wife through music
2 weeks ago
Growing up as a little boy I discovered that my father could play instruments. We could never afford to own any instruments, but when my father’s friends would walk down the road with their guitars, they always allowed him to jam a song or two. When I was 12 my father kinda force-taught me to…