How the internet is shrinking the world
14 hours ago
I will never stop being in awe of the internet. I am amazed how we can now hold the world in the palms of our hands. The information age has been the most important technological advance of this era. We have more access to information on our smart phones, for an example, than the president…
Toxic family member
a week ago
Do you ever wish that you could cut a family member(s) out of your life because of the way they treat you or maybe the way they are as individuals? Truth is, you’re not the only one. Some have succeeded, some are trying to, and some are thinking about it. It’s not an easy thing…
A nervous condition
2 weeks ago
“The Condition of Native is a Nervous Condition” (Jean-Paul Sartre, in an introduction to Frantz Fanon’s work) The few months I have been a matriculant have been the most enlightening months of my life. I have learnt lessons that were never taught to me in any history, economics or mathematics class. Self-reliance, resilience and bravery…