A culture of silence
4 days ago
I always sit at family gatherings and silently wonder why some people are not there, why certain people are at each other’s necks and others do not speak to one another. I cannot ask because I know the elders will casually hand me the words, “We do not speak of such things”. I refer to…
The hustle and the grind
2 weeks ago
“Money makes the world go round.” This quote is the definition of many people’s lives. There is very little that you can do without money, even the basic needs require it: a roof over your head, food and clothes etc. What is hustling you might ask? Hustling is what we do to obtain money; everyone…
Why I carry pepper spray in my handbag
3 weeks ago
The truth: I fear men the way I fear snakes. The lie I tell myself every day: one day you will not fear men the way you fear snakes. But when I dare step out alone, pepper spray in bag, I’m cautious – I’m wary of any man looking at me a second too long…