It’s ok to make mistakes
6 days ago
We all logically know that everyone makes mistakes in life, regardless of race, class, gender, age and other differentiators. But there is a lot of negative energy around mistakes. So much that most of us do everything in our power to steer clear of them, ignore or hide them. The truth is, though, we are…
The new normal
2 weeks ago
Mask up. Wash your hands. Avoid public spaces. Avoid your friends and family. Be indoors by midnight. Live in fear. A few years ago if you had told me this would be our reality, I would have laughed. Today, I am not fazed because this is the new normal. As a society, we are experiencing…
Slender somhlaba is not a compliment
3 weeks ago
For the longest time, society has viewed and treated women as objects to a point where people, especially men, feel comfortable tearing us down about any and everything. Society is constantly putting our bodies in the spotlight, dictating what we wear and what we eat. We’ve been indoctrinated so much that we believe all the…