To save a life
5 days ago
My friend took her life when we least expected it. The odd thing about her suicide is that she spoke about it a number of times. However, my friends and I could never fully grasp the idea that someone would end their life. At some point, it transformed into a joke we shared when we…
How do we measure success?
2 weeks ago
Back in the beginning of the year, a friend of mine visited me to show me his brand new car. A few months prior to that, another friend of mine had invited me to go see his new apartment in town, and another one asked me to go celebrate his new job appointment with him.…
Interracial couples are not “sell-outs”
3 weeks ago
It’s a warm summer day and a lovely young couple are walking along the beach hand-in-hand, giddy as they enjoy each another’s company and the spoils of young love. Now what would happen if I told you that the young woman was Zulu and her lover was Caucasian? Would I need to mention in the…