Time to fly the nest
The transition into adulthood comes with the power to make life-changing decisions. The implications of those decisions rest solely on your head. As a young adult, there comes a moment when living in your parents’ home is not as comfortable as it once was. You yearn for your independence. For some, moving out of home…
Keeping the romance alive in your relationship
a week ago
Many of us know the exciting feeling of starting a new relationship and the immense thrill that often comes with embarking on a new romantic journey. From re-reading texts that bae sent you, to getting that warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy when thinking of your special someone – it’s true, the honeymoon phase is…
Beauty is only skin-deep
2 weeks ago
In grade 10, I learned just how dangerous my school jacket with the elasticated waist was. It was kind of a snitch. That bulky monstrosity with the yellow and white stripes running down the arms inched up one day and just about revealed my biggest secret at the time. “Hey, I saw your white birthmark!”…