The Price of Fame
a week ago
Reality TV, for all of its scripting and all of its pre-produced plots, offered us access to a world of fame and wealth, a world where we could finally see the greener grass on the other side. One prime example is the hit television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Before season 1 of KUWTK,…
Trendy, chic and thrifty: Décor hacks to transform any bedroom into a sanctuary
3 weeks ago
2023 Is finally upon us, and with the new year comes the anticipation and excitement of new beginnings. Perhaps you’re starting a new grade at school, your tertiary studies, your post-grad internship, or simply going back to work after December leave. The start of the new year is the perfect time to declutter and get…
Stepping Out: Walking in nature
2 months ago
From morning till night, humans are attached to their screens, whether for work, school or entertainment. How can they not when algorithms are designed to ensure we stay glued to our screens? Tiktok shows you videos based on your behaviour; YouTube recommends things they have noticed you are interested in. So the behaviour is motivated…