Attending to my emotional wounds
24 hours ago
Even though black people are starting to understand that depression is real, the stigma around it is still rife. It is not uncommon to hear comments such as, moody or lazy. Because of this, we often reproach ourselves for wanting to reach out, we think ourselves too self-indulgent. Suffocating but still feeling you can’t reach…
Miss Independent
a week ago
The oddest of experiences will most likely unfold in a taxi. Mine began with a driver who continuously cast glances at me through the review mirror until curiosity pushed him to ask, “Where is your man?” I was tempted to question what he meant but he went onto say, “He shouldn’t be letting you travel…
Are you being ‘breadcrumbed’?
2 weeks ago
Having a crush on someone can be one of the most thrilling feelings in the world. From the butterflies you’re likely to have in your tummy, to the thumping loud beating of your heart when the object of your affection randomly texts you – being in love is so amazing! Even when your crush doesn’t…