My name is not the problem – you are.
a week ago
It is early in 1998, and a young woman – umam’Gcina from the rural Thembu land, Lady Frere – is heavily pregnant with her second child. According to the doctor, she is a full month later than her predicted due date.  She is put into induced labour; after eight hours of labour pains and the…
Fat is not a four-letter word
4 weeks ago
  What’s that one thing a doctor said or did that made you not want to go back to a doctor again? I’ll go first.  It was winter and my throat was sore. It got progressively worse, so I decided to see my doctor. I went, assuming it would be a regular check-up and a…
Old, not cold!
2 months ago
Let’s picture this: You’re listening to music on full blast while doing the dishes and in walks your dad and he starts dancing to the beat. My face fell straight to the floor from embarrassment, and I laughed out loud. I thought to myself, “Why is the old man, trying to be all young, hip…