My hair is not your business
3 days ago
Isn’t it tiring to still be talking about hair prejudice in 2020? Especially in South Africa where the majority of hair texture is kinky? It is, but the reality is big corporations like Clicks are a reflection of what young black girls in particular are dealing with, experiencing the hate for their afros from a…
Is Love Enough?
a week ago
I have many questions in my mind and these questions revolve around the transforming times, the different range of life styles and personalities when we are in love. Do we believe that when someone gives you love that this is sufficient for us? I watched a scene in the TV series The River. One of…
I am not your enemy
2 weeks ago
I remember once meeting a girl. She fidgeted and frantically combed her fingers through her hair as she walked. When she spotted me, hesitating before she carefully approached to ask, “Is my hair okay?” I casually told her, “It is beautiful and you look absolutely amazing.” She looked at me funny and even laughed. I…