The fathers we may never know
20 hours ago
Once, a few friends and I had a heated debate about fatherhood. Whether it was worse to have an absent father, an absent-minded father, or an inconsistent father. Fuelled by experience, we each flung points we felt justified our position on the matter. They spoke of the pain of having to question the whereabouts of…
Being an Indian girl
a week ago
I’d never really thought about what it actually meant to be an Indian girl until my maternal grandmother and her children (all except my mother) formed a united front to continuously nag me about washing my underpants. “Ladies MUST wash their own underwear," they all said as if the safety of my country depended on…
The power of representation
2 weeks ago
My mother was born in 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War. By the time she was eight, two of her older sisters had already been married off. The one being a 16-year-old bride, while the oldest's marriage was slightly delayed because she was 18 when she got married. For her two older…