Living with anxiety
4 days ago
Many of us have felt anxious at one point in our lives. Whether you’ve felt uneasy about an upcoming exam or were stressed about familial disputes – those of us who have experienced angst know how all-consuming and suffocating the feeling can be. Anxiety can be defined as a feeling of extreme apprehension or stress…
#Date my family
2 weeks ago
Dating can be fun and adventurous but once it transpires into a committed relationship it starts to involve a lot of people. When we get into a relationship with someone we also get into a relationship with their friends and family. It is a package deal; you cannot get one without the other. Unfortunately there…
Attending to my emotional wounds
3 weeks ago
Even though black people are starting to understand that depression is real, the stigma around it is still rife. It is not uncommon to hear comments such as, moody or lazy. Because of this, we often reproach ourselves for wanting to reach out, we think ourselves too self-indulgent. Suffocating but still feeling you can’t reach…