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I know her from moja love
Zanele Mathonsi · 3 days ago
Amanda Mthiyane · 6 months ago
I'm very grateful about the knowledge you always share and the experience you have it's very encouraging, I'm very inspired.. Thank you ❤️.. I will never stop reading, I don't wanna lie I never thought reading can be this amazing.. Trust me I hated Books when I was a teenager. Until the one day at work one of my colleague left an old looking book in my car, black cover with out anything written down in a cover . Inside Titled "SAFER DEAD" by James Hadley Chase.. I told my colleague and asked him to borrow me the book Yhoo that book was so great to read, I couldn't put it down I wanted more .. that's where I started .. I'm very happy about the choices I've made because of the power of reading.. it's like you're always ahead of things and it's easy to find solutions and some people will think you're smart not knowing that it's the power of reading... 🙏🏿
Ntlahla Tshimsila · 7 months ago
So you're the "Buwa fela" presenter on Moja Love . I'm inspired .
Bokota · 9 months ago
Iyoo I don't know alot about Malaika 🙄🙄
Connie wabantwana · 9 months ago