Personal Development Courses

Improve your life!

#GoalSetting – turning goals into reality

How can you set goals – and make sure you stick to them? This course has two helpful articles and a dialogue to help you set and attain your goals. 45 mins.

Applying for college/university

Do you want to go to college or university and don’t know how to start? Then this course is for you! It looks at how to choose a course and what financial support there is available. Time: 25 mins.

Are you a bully?

We have all experienced bullying in one way or another. This course consists of two short stories and an article that explores this issue from different perspectives. (2 hours).

Dealing with depression

Depression is real, and affects millions of people world-wide. It can be especially difficult during this time when everyone else seems to be focusing on having fun, and there is still a stigma attached to mental health problems. The story and articles in this course explore the experiences of what it’s like living with depression. 2 hours.

Making it with the Majolas – Entrepreneurship Course

The Making it with the Majolas course takes readers on Nolwazi’s journey as she follows her dreams of running her own business, supported by the Majola family. Each chapter is accompanied by useful tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. Time: 4 hours

Permanent Course: Lessons for life

This course will help you to develop inner strength and well-being as you reflect on your life. Articles cover topics such as gratitude, resilience, judgement of others and ourselves, and more, all accompanied by multiple-choice questions that aim to help your comprehension and self-reflection. 2.5 hours

Reading: Better than a pill

This course explores the benefits of reading to show you that reading (on FunDza!) is not only enjoyable but is linked to a whole host of other benefits as well. 1.5 hrs. (Certificates available for download upon successful course completion if you got above 50%.)

Study Skills

This course draws on a range of very useful, well-researched techniques to help you ace any tests or exams you are facing! 45 mins.

University Life

Being at university is tough – and comes with a whole new set of challenges as you are now responsible for time, money, food and managing your studies. This course equips you with valuable information on how to navigate your new independent life. 90 mins.