We’re sitting outside with my girls wearing our pj’s when my granny sends us to take back the stuff that was needed for the funeral back to where they come from.There are voices coming from the back of the yard but I just ignore it.

“Nice pajamas,” a guy says standing near the window.

He’s not just alone he is with his friends they are all standing near the window and the “guy” is also part of the group I’m feeling so ashamed.

“Dankie,” says Khuli blushing.

We go back in the house and clean up everything and in no time we’re done.We bath and decide on going to the mall to buy some little things we need and some snacks.

“You know in life we have to appreciate even the little things,the memories we get to spent together with our families,”says Zee.

“Yeah you’re quiet right,” I add.”Even the little opportunities you get to fall in love”,adds Khuli.

I feel like this is directed at me and you know that gets me thinking that I have made a promise to my cuz.

“Lawlaw I’ve been waiting for you my gee have you thought about our little discussion,” says Hlehle.”I have decided to give it a shot love so I give you the go ahead,”I say proudly.

I hope I don’t regret this or else im gonna punish myself.

“I promise you won’t regret it ohh and by the way guy’s name is Bokamosho but usually known as Bk”,she says excitedly.

Since there’s nothing much to do we wear our pj’s,watch movies and eat our snacks.

All i can ever do is think about him not in that way but I’m thinking about him as a whole.Like our first chats,are we gonna get along?a lot is on mind and I can’t seem to think properly.

While on that my phone beeps and I hesitate to watch it.But Khuli gives it to me and waits for me to open it.I do anyways although I’m also feeling nervous I’m a little bit curious.

Heyy you’re still fine?

I’m not sure who’s this but I’m gonna reply anyways.

Hello who am I talking to?

I know it’s weird because I just gave away with my tens minutes ago but it can’t be who I’m thinking it is or could it be?Just when I’m still lost in my thoughts my phone beeps again.

Ohh sorry it’s me Bokamosho, I got your tens from your cuz she told me that you permitted her to give them to me.

Yess I did sorry I thought it was someone.

I say as if I was expecting someone other than him to text him.The following conversation takes place.

Okay it’s me,how’re you though ?

I’m great thanks.

So please tell me about you, what type of person are you?

Please tell me what you wanna know about me in detail.

I just can’t explain what type of person I am.At least if someone asks questions about me.TheI can answer them.While I’m at that my phone beeps.

Nah I mean i just wanna know what do you like there’s no need to explain,you know you’re the one that knows your likes and dislikes.The details things won’t work.

Ohh now that hurts.This guy is very insensitive why can’t he just understand what I tell him arrgh.