This taxi isn’t a normal one of course. This one caters for a special type of passengers. It slowly cruises on Jo’burg lanes, sometimes anywhere, looking for the right ones to pick up. Those who don’t fit the criteria get driven past. 

Unlike other taxis, this one will stop near you in whichever hand-sign you put up. But of course, that mostly happens when you are a female, not just any other female. 

If you are that lucky girl, that special lady who also happens to look for a ride in and out of Jozi, then this cloud-white body-coloured, black tinted window taxi with rims that look like mirrors will pull up near your feet. You won’t have to suffer the hassle of pull-sliding the door because that will be gladly done for you by a young man with black shades and side burns. He’ll welcome you with a smile of two gold teeth and he’s seated on the passenger’s seat next to the driver. Before you say anything, your nose will be peppered with a whiff of an aromatic smell which floats around the air inside this taxi. Of course you’ll get in, because not only does this taxi look clean and smells nice, it also looks spacious and brand new. You’ll return the smile and greeting to the young man, thinking how lucky you’ve become in finding a taxi where you’ll have the freedom of sitting wherever you wish to sit. You’ve become lucky in getting a not crowded taxi where you’d have to endure squeezing, uncomfortable sitting and respond to phoney greetings. 

You may choose to sit in one of the front seats if the young man’s smile has really got you. But like others, you may choose the back seats. As you head over there, you’ll start to wonder why a neat and spotless, fragrance smelling taxi like this one has no passengers at all. Why is it only me? A lot of people should be dying to get a ride in a transport like this. 

You’ll soon realise that you are not the only passenger once you make it to the back seats, because there, sometimes depending on how hard the taxi owners have worked, you’ll find a woman sleeping across the seat. Passengers do sleep in taxis sometimes but they sleep while seated, not like this. It’s like the woman has been knocked out consciously. What’s going on here? That’s when you realise that – 

Tell us: Can you guess what would have happened?