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I wrote a new story called Snake. You can search for it but it's under this new account.
Lndokuhle Matlala · 2 months ago
fat…@gmai... · 2 months ago
Lindo pls write another story❤🤍🖤💖 And make it long coz I can't get enough of your creativity since you've abandoned us for months ❤💖
fat…@gmai... · 2 months ago
Lndokuhle Matlala · 2 months ago
Lindokuhle Matlala · 2 months ago
Aiiii shame I won't lie👌🏽🔥Lindo you are such an amazing writer/author with your own flair♥️keep on doing what you do best and excel💘🔥hope I'll be seeing your work soon!♥️
Pinkk Panther♥️ · 8 months ago
Goodbye everyone. Thank you for reading.
Lindokuhle Matlala · 10 months ago
I love your work.. Talented indeed especially what you did at 'No.9'❤️
Lebogang Shokane · 11 months ago
Lindo I love your work and you💕 so much please may the lord almighty bless you🙏into continuing to write stories like these please one day you will make it big💞 just carry on and try other social media platforms i just know that when the time has come you will be the greatest author ever ❤️*LOVE YOU*
Nolwazi Nkambule · 11 months ago
Thank you Alwande. New story is coming next week.👍😉
Lindokuhle Matlala · 11 months ago
Lindokuhle I really love your stories , mostly the one called 'No.9' .It is the best and u are really talented. Wishing you to continue to wtite these superb and exquisite stories 😀
Alwande Ngcobo · 11 months ago
😂😂😂😂sorry my bad Keith😂😂😂😂I've stopped....I just love Lindos work so ngize ngaphapha🤡
Chumza Fumbata · 11 months ago
He chumza leave the girl alone
Keith · 11 months ago
So you won't tell me the age....kanti Lindo unjan mara can't you see am flirting😑if only bowu around my area
Chumza Fumbata · 11 months ago
Okay hun....and put all the details if you know what I mean.
Chumza Fumbata · 11 months ago
@chumza, Alright I will. 🙏 it will take time, though
Lindokuhle Matlala · 11 months ago
Matlala just wanna know ukuthi are you a romantic guy?and how old are you? And if yes can you write a story about romance🤤just wanna feel your taste😉
Chumza Fumbata · 11 months ago
🤗🤗🤗kusazoba mnandi mos
Chumza Fumbata · 12 months ago
Chumza fumbata I'm still writing.... I didn't have a phone
Lindokuhle Matlala · a year ago
Lindo where are you I miss your writing
Chumza Fumbata · a year ago
Like your stories 👌👌
Micayla Swartz · a year ago
@Lindokuhle Matlala ohh no don't 😭 bro why u talking about killing urself 😭😭😭 l
❤️lover❤️ · a year ago
I'm killing myself
Lindokuhle Matlala · a year ago
@supreme element thank you bro. 🙏🔥😂 better stories are coming. Keep reading.
Lindokuhle Matlala · a year ago
@Lindo bra big ups to you , love your stories Mahn ❤️ tho some need part 6😂😅
supreme element · a year ago
Thank you @Nahnah mncanca 🙏🙏🔥❤ more stories are coming...
Lindokuhle Matlala · a year ago
wow , all I can say you are talented .a big s/o to you , Lindo.❤️❤️
Nhanha Mncanca · a year ago
Bukh mashalaba thank u so much. Yeah I always try to make them unique.
Lindokuhle Matlala · a year ago
Love your stories bra. Actually what I Iike the most is that your books are really dope like they sound amazing. I don't know if "sound" is the right word though but yeah. And feels soooo real.. Like its amazing.. Unique 💯💯💯💯💯
Bukh Mashalaba · 2 years ago
Luv your story "Flowers" It was amazing darling 😉
Ayola Siganga · 2 years ago
Just reading your stories and I love them what I love the most is flowers Yoh that one is my favorite book out of them all And what I would like to say is keep on writing those wonderful stories and I'm gonna keep on reading them I love your work Lindokuhle
Thuli Buthelezi · 2 years ago
Fav I meant🏃🏃
essential Nkosana · 2 years ago
luv your books <3❤️🦋..mi face is Anonymous
essential Nkosana · 2 years ago
Pleasure especially the one of Nelly and Naledi phenomenal story shame
Owami Cindi · 2 years ago
Thank you owami. Means a lot 🤣😂😋
Lindokuhle Matlala · 2 years ago
I love your stories Lindo
Owami Cindi · 2 years ago