Candice : so Tom have you thought about this issue … I mean it’s not like your gonna change from being gay , are you?

Tom : what! What are you really saying?

Candice : I mean …

Jasmine : she means that your father kicked you out and all you have to do is pack your bags and leave . I don’t think your mother is still that bad .

Laila : really guys . Did you really have to say that .

Tom just left and ran into the male toilet where he belongs .

Laila : look what you’ve done guys . Candice remember when we helped you with your to financial problems , we never told you the straight point .

Candice : What’s the straight point.

Laila : The straight point is that your father is using money to get rid of your mother and you , and all you did was to help him.

Jasmine : buh…

Laila : and Jasmine Latina don’t even think about saying a word cause you had a relationship with Tom and when you realised his gay you told the whole school but the joke turned out to be you . What did we do? We supported you and you recovered . Why don’t we help Tom recover? Ugh let me go and check him since the cat caught your tongue’s .

Laila Is one selfish bitch did she really say that to me . I mean how did they know? God help me think .

Candice : Did you know?

Jasmine : know what?

Candice : that my father was planning to disown us .

What the fuck . Hell yes , I knew but we couldn’t tell her I mean .

Jasmine : yes I knew .

Candice: why didn’t you tell me .

Jasmine : I don’t know . Let’s go and check on those two .

We stood up and went to the toilets .