At school


Ohhh here she comes my bestie … Me and Laila are besties , our friendship started at kindergarten.

Laila : incoming!

Candice : hey friend!

We hugged .

Laila : Uhm , where are the others?

Candice : You mean Jasmine and Tom?

Laila : duh!

Jasmine and Tom are our friends . Jasmine is an Italian lady and Tom is Greek and gay .

Candice : their late as always .

Laila : Argh let me call them .(she looks up ) oh hear they come!

Jasmine : hey friends .

Me& Laila : hi Jas .

And Tom just stood the tapping his phone with frustration .

Laila : Excuse me ( Tom looked up ) not even a hello .

Tom : sorry hi guys . Is just that my dad found out I’m gay and he wants me to move out of his house . Imagine me going to that witches house I’m… I’ll… I ..( Tom started crying .)

Laila: there’s no need for you to apologize .I’m sorry you’re going through this alone .( We did a group hug)

Laila has always been the sensitive , caring , loving , crazy , insecure and damn pretty friend .

The bell rang and we all went to the school hall .