At Laila’s…


“Ring ring” …

Mom : Laila wake up (pauses) it’s six thirty…

Laila : what…the fuck!

I get out of bed , ran into the shower and put on my Prada tracksuits. I went downstairs , found mom and dad gossiping “as usual”.

Laila: Morning beautiful people.

Mom & Dad : morning sweetie…

Laila : I told you guys to stop calling me that.

(They laughed)

Mom : Hun me and your dad …

(My phone rang … I stood up and answered)

Laila : talk

( It’s Chris my ex boyfriend …)

Chris : hello princess.

Laila : hi Chris, get to the point what do u want?

Chris : aren’t u going to school ? I fetched u , I’m at the gate.

Laila: well my mom said she’ll drive me to school so fuck off!

Chris: you don’t want me to tell them what happened last week… Do you?

Laila: no

Chris : thought so … Now come out here you don’t wanna be late on the first day princess.

Laila : I’ll be the in a second.

( I hanged up )

Laila : Uhm guys Chris is here so I’ll talk to you later . Bye!

Mom: bye sweetie.

( I went out )