18 March 2017

Dear Diary

I woke up in the hospital my head really hurts hopefully I didn’t lose a screw up there in my head oh I see Tara laying besides me with my mom they both always look cute when they are asleep Tara wakes up after feeling my movement she hugs me tightly hurting me ” ouch!” I said , ” sorry .” Said Tara while mom also wakes up she also hugs me ,” it enough of hugs for one day “. I said , “I’ll slap you ,do you know how much I was worried for you” said my cute mother.

I kept thinking about what happened,” hey Tara how long have I been here” I asked curiously. ” 2 months I guess the doctor said that you were in a coma there was no chance for you to wake up” she said. I gasp what about school? Oh no maybe the teacher will understand but the maths teacher creeps me out she’s too serious and seems stressed all the time she’s never nice or she ever laughs she’s just the worst.