17 January 2017

Dear Diary

It was my first day at high school today ,while Tara is in Grade 11 she wants to be a Journalist she keeps telling me to chill like man why. Shoot! My name is Tracy Anderson anyway I’m was getting ready for school, also I only stay with Tara my sister and my mother Nora the weird thing in my family is like we always move to another city or country every year but since Tara is in grade 11 we won’t be moving for some time .

I arrived at California High School everything was strange it was not like primary except there were some short people who were dwarfs actually I’m a bit tall not to tall anyway I’m skipping where I’m looking for my class . I found my class it was 8c I sat alone until break time i had no lunch box but I had money but I actually wasn’t hungry so I decided to explore my new school which actually sucks to me I then saw a locked classroom but when I was about to look away I heard someone calling my name like in the movies I walked towards it but when I was about to reach it I was sent flying backwards then I hited my head everything went black