When the sunrise , Mojalefa went to see his father , he found his father died and announced that to everyone.The Chief’s people ask Mojalefa if the his father blessed him , he said no . They took that as he don’t know the secrets as well .

They obviously knew who was blessed , the younger son , they knew he was very responsible and a person who always helps people .They went Mahlohonolo , they asked him a questions and he answered well .

He wondered why he was asked these questions , he thought they think he is the that killed his father.After asking him all the questions , they applauded for him .Mahlohonolo founded himself as a Chief .

Mojalefa didn’t fought him because he knew that once he be a Chief , ladies must be a last thing in his mind and must be responsible and reliable which is something that is not him .

Mojalefa is more of a wonderful singer , he became a singer .

As they say it is the clever child who hears the secrets.