He heard his father’s voice talking to someone , saying “Go and tell my oldest son to visit me early tomorrow morning , I want to give him my blessing and tell him the secrets of the tribe so he will know all about becoming a Chief “

After saying that he had a long cough and splited blood out of his mouth .Mahlohonolo left the door like he wanted to see his father .

His wife nursed him and waited for Mojalefa , so she could deliver a message .Mojalefa arrived late drunk , his mother told him what his father said and Mojalefa agreed to meet his father early in the morning.

Mahlohonolo was very clever and also more popular with the Chief’s people.The next morning before the cock crowed , Mahlohonolo went to see his father . When he arrived in his father’s bedroom , he said ” father , I have come to see you as you instructed “.

The Chief was very weak , he thought it was the eldest son , he blessed him and told him the secrets of the tribe .When Mahlohonolo left , the Chief realised he was talking to his younger son , the Chief smiled nonstop .