When the boys grew up until the adult stage . Their successful father became sick for months and after a few days attending to a doctor , he finally know what made him sick , Cancer is what made him sick .

At night he always tell his sons a story . An adventurous , thrilling stories , stories to make them to learn .At the end of his stories , he always says ” It is the clever child who hears the secret “ .

In one good morning , the boys woke up to the training and when they finished , they pass by a forest and come back at the evening with fire woods .

While they were on the way home , they met beautiful ladies . Mojalefa couldn’t resist their beauty, so he stopped and greet the ladies and had a conversation with them.

Mahlohonolo continued with his journey . When he got home , he wanted to check on his father .He went to his father’s bedroom , when he got infront of his father’s door , he was about to knock , he heard voices , he stood at the door and listened.