Nosiphiwo: Shame hey,why don’t you get yourself a busary like”Nsfas”

Thabiso:werh! ,My lady you see ain’t like you the brilliant students.asizitholi izikole and so Nsfas can’t fund you uma ungasitholi isikole.

Nosiphiwo:(being curious) how do you know that I’m tell you I’m not smart I’m just a hard worker.

Before Thabiso even says anything the school bell rings

Nosiphiwo: That’s my cue Thabz .I hope to see you next time

Thabiso:Aw sure case My Lady!! (As he smiles looking at Nosiphiwo as she heads to the gate)
It’s in the afternoon Nosiphiwo is way better than in the morning she’s walking back home with a smile on her face as she’s really happy and excited because she was appointed to participate in a school competition.a voice that sounds familiar says”I assume you are okay now”

Nosiphiwo:Thabiso!!,ayi ngathi usuyangi stalker phela manje.

Thabiso:No,I was going to the store and I saw you walking alone “My beautiful Lady”; that makes Nosiphiwo smile

Nosiphiwo: Thanks, you’re not bad yourself hey

Thabiso:oh, really know I would love to know you well My seem like those intelligent people that don’t have friends and minake ngingakujabulela ukuba umngani nawe.

For a moment Nosiphiwo feels embarrassed that even Thabiso can tell that she has no friends.

Nosiphiwo:(guilty)who said so!!…

Thabiso:No I didn’t mean to offend you,No I just want to be your friend.thats all.

Nosiphiwo:Mmm, okay fine by me friend

Thabiso:Cool,so dinner at my sport… please give me your number so that I can text you my address.

Nosiphiwo:unenhlanhla ngoba there’s no one at home and today is Friday I’ll be not studying

Do you think is it a good idea to tell someone you barely know that, you’ll be alone at night??