When we got to her home we quickly slipped inside her room. Her room liked like someone was searching for something they were having a hard time finding. It looked like mine in a way. The colours around were a lot brighter. All was girly. She really didn’t lie when she said she’s got some sack to roll. She pulled it out under the bed. 

“All this green, girl?” I said, sounding a little too excited. “Where’d you get it?” 

“Didn’t I tell you about aunt Barbara’s vacation to Jamaica?” 

Actually she did tell me once and I sort of forgot about it. 

“This is what I asked her to bring for me. Can’t wait for you to have a pull. These ones hit different,” she said with a giant smile. 

I had a nice memory of her aunt Barbara the time it was Kat’s seventeenth birthday last year. She had helped us get some booze because at Mzekeza’s tavern they didn’t believe our lie when we told them we were over eighteen. At Mbele’s Inn it was much worse, they had literally kicked us out; shoes to our asses. Aunt Barbara had laughed at us before helping. 

I smoked a cigarette to warm up, Siza unloaded the trees and paper. My cigarette wasn’t even a quarter short when she was done rolling, and by the time I stubbed out the cigarette baby girl was already blowing out O’s and rings. 

We smoked and smoked and smoked and smoked you’d be high off the smell if you were with us. Her room now looked like there was some fumigation going on. I opened the fuking windows as I coughed. She coughed and laughed too. There was nothing funny about someone opening the window, maybe the high was kicking in already. How many joints we smoked? I didn’t remember, and I bet she didn’t either. One certain thing was that we both didn’t care. For how many minutes we’ve been smoking, that was unknown as well. Who was counting? 

All of a sudden, Siza’s lips just went to my lips. So unexpected I thought the weed was making me see things. I lost my balance and fell back on her bed. Her lips never left mine, I could feel her tongue in my mouth now. This girl. I knew it. I just knew it. She was on top of me, moving about like I’m a sex doll or something. What the hell was she doing? Before I could further comprehend this bizarreness, Siza’s shirt was off, her giant boobs were squashed on my face, for a warm moment I couldn’t breath, it felt so soft and warm. Something in me moved. My mouth sort of opened, as if I’m a baby who needed to be breastfed. She thrusted her mouth to mine again. I could feel her breathing. The kiss was a flavour of sweet weed. It was good I admit, but the whole thing just felt wrong. 

I found my strength and got her off me. 

“What is it?” She asked, confused and horny. And if I didn’t get her away I knew her pants would’ve also disappeared in a blink. 

“I don’t wanna do this. I’m not in the mood,” I told her. 

She cupped her breasts, the sound of her giggle told me how ridiculous I was. Why wouldn’t I want this? The marijuana smoke had faded off and I could see her more clearly. The boobs were more bigger than I thought they were. She crawled towards me like a hungry tigress, waiting to strike at its prey. She returned her lips to my face, her fingers found their way to the zipper of my jeans. “Relax, Lee,” she whispered while she kissed my cheek and ear. “It will be so much fun. I promise,” it was like I was hearing these things from someone else. This was Siza at her naughtiest. I wondered who else had she revealed this side to. 

She carried on with the kisses and the whispers. “Don’t you want me, Lee? Huh? Don’t you want me?”

I pushed her from me. She gasped and shuddered. She had already unlocked my belt, my jeans were sagging and my blue underwear showed. She began to break down, spoke pre-tears. “What the fuck!? Are you crazy?”

Maybe I was. At this point I didn’t know. I didn’t want to hear it. I just dashed out of her room and ran away. I ran more faster when I heard her footsteps behind me. The ones who saw me at the street must have thought I was running for my life or something.