He arrives at Rose’s flat, slowly pushes the door to get in. His heart was beating at a fast rhythm but now he just sighs and says: “Why am I not surprised? I had a feeling that someone was using Rose’s phone.”

“And I also had a feeling that you were lying when you said you were her friend,” Jasmine says. She’s holding Rose’s phone. “I went through everything. WhatsApp,contacts, recent messages. There was no sign of Romeo,” Jasmine says. “If that is your real name. Instead I found the numbers of Sosa, whom I suspect is your boss or he is actually you,” she says. 

Sanchez sighs. “Aright, alright you got me. I am not Sosa. I work for him. My name is Sanchez. Real name. Can I get the money now?” 

“Now, now, now, hold your horses young man. First, tell me what happened?” 

“I already told you and the detective what happened,” Sanchez says. 

“I’d like to hear your story again. Go on.”

Sanchez looks up and sighs again. He sits down. “Look. Sosa sent us to come here and–”


“Me and some guys.”

“Where we they earlier? Did the detective see them?”

Sanchez sighs for the fourth time, annoyed at the questions. “The guys left before me. We just came here to see if Rose has the money for payment. Instead we found her here,” he looks at the exact spot where Rose’s dead body was. Jasmine looks down at it too. 

“You have to believe me, ma’am.”

“Call me Jasmine.”

“Jasmine, yeah, I,” he swallows hard, continues: “We found the door already opened. And she was right there, dead,” from being annoyed to being jumpy, Sanchez’s sound also moved with the change. His facial expression wasn’t the same anymore. 

“Are you sure?” Jasmine says. 

“Yeah. Hell I’m the one who called for the emergency.”

“Of course you would have done so to sway suspicions from yourself.”

“We didn’t kill her. She was already dead when we got here.”

“If you found her alive and you also found that she has no money for the debt, what were going to do to her? I know how you loanshark people operate,” Jasmine says, not flinching one bit. 

“We were going to take her furniture or Sosa was going to increase the interest to the debt,” says Sanchez. 

“Okay but why did you lie to the detective about your name. Why not give them your real name?” She Inquires.

“Because I didn’t want to be implicated to something I didn’t do. The police said it’s suicide, isn’t it? We didn’t kill her. We already found her dead, I swear,” Sanchez keeps saying. One thing that never changes is his story.