I smoothed out the light brown soil and fixed the yellow flowers in place. After minutes, the only thing that remained was to water them and water myself as well because damn! The sun was burning me. Sweat had rolled down to the edges of my black pants, I could feel the wetness around my waist. 

So I let go of the spade, I took off my shirt which I had taken off, and used it to dry my face. But in the midst of doing that I saw the curtain flick close behind the bedroom window, so quick. Was it the window of the bedroom, I didn’t know, the house was very big. But I wasn’t mistaken with what I saw, there was a face staring at me before the curtain flicked close. A lady face. What the hell was she looking at? 

I looked down at my toplessness. There was a four pack, honestly caused by the fact that I was thin. I never worked out. Even my arms looked like a eight year old boy’s. It doesn’t get thinner than this, my friend. I ate a lot of Paballo’s food and sometimes she owed me a favour, I’d tell her to cook me a meal. She knew. If it’s cooked by her hands then I was sure my belly would be happy, hence I didn’t have a specific favourite meal or food. But no matter how much I ate Paballo’s food, weight never seemed to flood my body. 

Then, standing there in Mrs. Monroe’s garden, thinking that maybe she likes my body as much as I like hers (I doubt that, I think I like her body even more), I felt my knees hit the soil ground, dust rose at the impact. My eyes were slowly zooming at the flowers in and out, my view became sideways as if I tilted my head on the left side and then on the right. Before I knew it, my eyes were looking up at the cloudless sky, felt the hot soil on my back, the bloody sun spinning slowly and slowly. But eventually it had stopped spinning. My eyes were closed. 

I have no idea how long I passed out. By the time I opened my eyes the yellow sun and the blue sky were gone. Instead, what I saw was a ceiling; a creame-white ceiling with shiny golden zig-zag patterns. Gone was the hot soil on my back. There was a new soft feel, like a silk sheet.

It came to my mind that I’m on a bed, but before I asked myself how did I even get there I felt a tongue on my naked midsection; touching and scratching my hairs. I flinched, and lifted my head off the pillow to have a look down there but her mouth was now up on my neck, kissing me and sniffing. Her warm naked body rubbed on mine. 

“Wakey, wakey, lover boy,” she whispered. I think you have an idea of what happened next. 

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