Maybe you wouldn’t blame me if you were in my shoes. Just maybe. It all started when my father returned from work the other night right after Paballo and I prepared the pots for dinner. The fish and rice were near to be made. 

My father barged inside the house with a mood so dangerous it kept me and my sister as obedient as ever. He slammed the door so hard, as if the door had offended him in some way; perhaps it should have opened itself for his entrance. The calendar, which hangs on the door, fell down. I quickly rushed to pick it up, fearing if I didn’t my father would kill me. He was so mad you could tell from the way he was breathing; only thing that was missing was the hot steam to come out of his nose, you know, like a cartoon bull. Anyways, he hadn’t said a single word upon his arrival from work but me and sister could see that he was angry. I couldn’t find the words to greet him with, Paballo couldn’t even raise his eyes to look up at him, she just excused herself to the kitchen. 

Before I could do the same, follow my sister and leave him in his sour mood, he let it all out. He complained about his boss and how much of a bitch she was. Paballo returned to the living room because she heard the theme song of Temptations, her favourite show. 

Dad continued with his grumble against his employer – this white lady named Sasha Books. It was the three of us in the living room but he was mostly complaining to himself because there was nothing me and Paballo could ever say to him. She watched the TV while I was on my phone, watching these pictures of naked women. No matter how sexy these pictures were I failed to imagine myself in bed with one of these women because my father was going on and on about his boss Sasha, insulting her with sexist comments that Paballo cringed to as she acted like she wasn’t listening to them at all.  

By the time Temptations was over, the food was ready and Paballo dished up for us. We ate in silence as usual, the only sound being this Clientele ad on the TV: Lillian Dube telling us to get life insurance because we’ll die one day. Annoying adverts.