Penny barged back inside her apartment. Her hands went to her head. She walked around the lounge. The TV was on the floor screen-first, among pieces of glass and wetness of the wine. Penny ended up collapsing on her knees. What the hell is going on?

She went to her phone, found no sign of ANONYMOUS.

“Did your mother have any enemies? Anyone who might have wanted her dead?” The detective’s question rang in Penny’s head. Apparently that “anyone” also wanted Josh dead. But who? Penny held her head and cried.

It’s so hard to tell the cops about ANONYMOUS when he is just that… anonymous. An unknown killer who somehow knows Penny’s phone numbers and the home addresses of her mother and her boyfriend. Who also knows how to make his call records vanish .

Suddenly Penny heared a beep tone from her phone. A message. She checked it. “Do u like pizza?” From ANONYMOUS.

Penny began typing her reply with hard, angry fingers. But the message portal popped away and her phone was back on the wallpaper screen of her and Josh posing cosy in a restaurant. She screamed and threw the phone it hit the wall it never broke, only the screen cracked. Then the phone started ringing. Penny ignored it. It rang again and she still ignored it, her face buried in her hands.

When it rang for the sixth time Penny got up, thinking maybe one of the family members was calling with regards to the Veronica’s death and the future funeral arrangements to be made. Instead, Penny saw ANONYMOUS calling… She touched Accept and started cursing on the phone, yelling profanities her grandfather would have a heart attack for hearing.

She paused to catch her breath. In that moment Penny heard a scream on the other line. She pressed the phone on her ear for a better listen. The scream. It was her own voice. Screaming at the bash of something. That constant bash was the sound you’d hear when a brick of butter falls on the floor. Penny heard her voice scream then it’s silenced by the bash hits. She let go of the phone and began shaking.

Her eyes looked around the room. She felt something behind her so she turned quickly but saw nothing; just an empty stand on the blue wall where her plasma TV was positioned.

Penny heard a knock on the door. Just a simple knock, like the one who was knocking had baby hands. “Who is it?” She shouted. No response. Only the knock.

Penny wiped her face and took the marble vase and poured the marigolds on the glass table. If it’s ANONYMOUS then she’ll hit him in the head. How does he even look like?

More knocking on the door. Penny decided that if she opens the door and sees a scary looking character then she’ll connect the vase right in the forehead.

She slowly opened the door. It was a white blonde woman wearing a red and yellow shirt written Joe’s pizza in the left side. She was holding a warm box of pizza, the other hand was holding a baseball bat rested on her right shoulder.

Penny told her that she didn’t order any pizza. “I’m sorry but you are in the wrong apartment,” she said.

But the blonde woman just smiled “Oh, I’m in the right place, bitch,” she said. The silver name tag on the shirt sparkled on Penny’s eye, Penny looked at it. It was written ANONYMOUS. The blonde white woman relieved the baseball bat from her shoulder. “You and I have a phone call to make,” she said and smiled.

Tell us: ten minutes from now you’ll receive a phone call. Lol, I’m kidding. What do you think about the story?