Penny dashed to the kitchen counter to grab her car keys without minding that she’s actually running on top of broken glass with naked feet. She ran to her car outside while dialling 10111.

During her drive she nearly collided with a taxi. Driving while giving the police her mother’s home address, Penny drove past two red lights on the robot, overtaking ahead vehicles like she was in a race.

She arrived at her mother’s home whilst still wearing that blue towel from the shower. She licked the door but it was locked. She shouted for several seconds and heared the keys inside turning to unlock the door. The kitchen light had just been switched on. The door swung open.

“Penny?” Veronica said, dressed in her night gown.

“Mama,” Penny said and held her mom in a hug.

“Why are you here? So late?” Veronica asked with sleepy eyes. “And why are you…,” She looked at her daughter from head to toe. “Why are you in a towel? What’s going on?”

Incoming sirens from behind. Two police cars parked next to Penny’s Hyundai. Penny told her mother and the cops about the phone call. When she went to the call logs on the phone to show them ANONYMOUS. But there was no ANONYMOUS. “I swear I recieved a call,” Penny said. “And I haered Mama’s scream and something loud. Like a gun fire.”

But the officers shook their heads and returned to their cars. One of them told Penny not to waste police time again. “It’s a criminal offence, you know,” said the officer and they drove away.

“Are you really sure about this?” Veronica asked for the third time.

“I’m 100% sure, mom,” Penny said. “look, how about I take you to my apartment and spend the night there?”

“No, I’ll be fine, my baby. Don’t worry,” Veronica said. So Penny reluctantly drove back to her apartment alone.

Tell us: was that a prank call or what?