It’s a year later and I am working as a full time nurse . I did say I will be hired . Today is a nerve wrecking day as I will be introduced to the new assistant cardiologist who overtime , will take over Dr Bamjee’s role specializing in child heart conditions. He has decided to stay perhaps another ten years as he is 60 at the moment .

I meet this tall , handsome man who wants to know where he could posibly get halal lunch and if I could show him where he could pray . People ask me this because of the hijab .It’s a giveaway. His eyes are so gorgeous. He looks like a cross between a Bollyhood actor and Daniel Haqiqatjou. I lower my gaze not becaue of haya; modesty but because I can’t do this. Too hot.

I am shocked when I find out he is the new assistant cardiologist . I mean I saw he is a doctor but … Dr Bamjee introduces us .. Amir Salman meet Amirah Nozulu . Both of us stare at each other in shock . We start recognising each other .

We have lunch together , well I share my lunch with him as he updates me on his life after high school ~ boring stuff like every Indian genius . He asks why a beautiful woman like me would sign up on . That its for bums like him who are too awkward to get a wife. I laugh and tell him it was my mother’s idea to get me out of Abi’s house. A tendenerness comes into his eyes as he asks why I never replied to his request on the site. I smile .