I slowly break it to my mother that I have deactivated my marrymuslim.com account . It was pointless. She wants to know if I checked the last suitor . The truth is that on that day , I didn’t have the courage to be met with another third wife seeker so , I didn’t check . It doesn’t matter because Abi agreed to pay for the trip to Tunisia provided Sumayah and I stay at a reputable hotel he has organized . We consent to being followed in safe distance while shopping by a few buff men because my father doesn’t believe it is safe for dark skinned women to be alone in these countries . He is afraid many Islamic countries still see black people as servants and slaves . I faught him about this but later watched YouTube videos of kidnapped Kenyan women in multiple Islamic countries . Fine . I will take being followed anytime .

Tunisia is a blast . Sumayah spoils my mood on our way back by telling me she is moving to Australia . She met her future husband at a friend’s wedding last year . They loved each other but he works as a software engineer in Australia . There is plenty of accounting jobs in Australia so she is leaving for love . Her Nikkah is rushed the following month . I am doing her makeup and henna tattoos and she gets married , next thing she is all packed up and gone a few days later. Everyone is getting married . Don’t people enjoy shopping and not worrying about cooking for their husbands and children? Euw . Anyway , I am happy for her . After all , as my mom says , marriage is half the Deen .