I went to an expensive private islamic school for children of the royal and affluent outside Durban . It was a boarding school providing the best of Islamic studies and modern science . A madrassah and science academy rolled into one. My father comes from a prestigious line of Nguni Muslims who have practiced the religion for almost 200 years . My ancestors were introduced to Islam in Cape Town through Malay slaves . My great grand father moved to Durban . My family owns a string of legal firms all over South Africa . I always felt small in the school , being one of the few black Muslims . Surrounded by filthy rich Arab princesses and rich Indians , it wasn’t easy .

I built up my confidence . My mother , Nabila Nozulu would not let me become a self loathing black woman . She told me how I shouldn’t let them think they own the faith as Islam is racially diverse . I signed up to study the Quran not just in Arabic but Swahili and Farsi as well .