I logged out of twitter and switched off my phone in a cloud of anger. I had just argued with an Arabic Muslima on the platform who had shared a post that said the most beautiful African women are Ethiopian and Somali . I hate that perspective as it isn’t true . Have you seen South African women ? Nigerian women ?

Is it our flat noses , I asked her ? Allah forgive me but I told her she looks like Pinocchio , what with the inbred long nose .. It went wild when she posted a picture of a monkey in the response. So much for a person whose nose looks like the back of a heel. Sigh .

I’m not a horrible person , I am just very sensitive about Arab superiority and having suffered bullying in Madrassah , where Princesses from Kuwait , Somalia and all over the Muslim world thought they were better than me, I could not just let it slide .Our conversation ended when I told her to meet me outside for a fist fight .. well , I said , you can’t because you are locked inside your house wearing a burkah having to get permission from your two-year old brother to go out while I enjoy the Durban sunshine in a hijab . Girl bye . Hmm . Very mean .

Now I am preparing for my practicals. Flicking through notes.I am a trainee nurse at a private hospital in Durban . I quickly push away my internet fight and prepare for the last salat of the five daily prayers. I don’t let racists get in the way of my faith .