Like water
You quenched my love thirst
Your steaming aura
Cleanses off my bad spirits
The flow of your words
Is a waterfall to my brain

Like soil
You anchor my roots
Of love, care and humility
With requisite nutrients
You nurture my body and brain
To growth, health and wisdom

Like a rose
You’re savoury to my eyes
Your African beauty
Is beyond description
It ain’t tainted or amplified
By artificial means

You’re a wind that blows
Your scent to wherever I’m at
And waking up next to you
Is like a morning breeze
It fuels me to face my day
With freshness and impetus

You brought warmth to my life 
You’re a fire you warm my soul 
You’re a fire you boil my blood
You’re a fire you cook my senses 
Till they explode to sporadic orgasms
You’re natural, my love