I’ve been questing through the garden-
One by one smelling some flowers – Roses, lilies, Violets,
What good a new scent of scene was.

Perhaps, these weaklings of trees have took my sight like a short slumber,
and these singing winds blocked my audit,
I must have missed it in a split.

I didn’t see them biting the trees with their abrasive teeth
nor did I see them flipping in blue night,
My privilege of seeing you, Red Moon, was doomed,
Did you see the bleeding moon?

Did you see the dancing night
or have you saw the sleeping light
where He does his cursing deeds.

O I saw it when it flicked the switch on
dressed elegant like a peaceful priest
but it was there yesterday dressed like a skrr,
Have you saw it?

Playing the same melodies?
Nor I think I heard coiled tune
the accent was a white dot on paper.

It was chipping there last night like a thrush
then I slept on my thumb with my heart dubbing,
Have you heard anything new?