You calle me sweet love, should I believe you?
Names I never heard, that makes me weak;
Falling on my knees became victim of your love;
I was chocolate, pumpkin, honey, all sweet names,
Today you call me:- Hey you!!!

My love, I can feel animosity when you enter the room;
Light turn to be black shadow;
Darkness with evil smell of death;
What happened to our:- I can’t live without you?
I won’t let you go babe;
You are light on my feet, warm in my heart;
Vitality in my muscles, when I lose hope you my only hope;
You use to tell me all this things remember?
But who bewitched you?

You said you are my shoulder to cry-on;
Today you are my onion, teargas in my eyes;
Suffocating me with your words;
You now make me feel small,
I am lonely while you are here,
Strange as it may comprehend;
Your nose, just like you smell terrible thing when you see me;
Your face, not at ease, peace is gone and evaporated.
You check even the duration of toilet paper in the toilet;
Reminding me how much it cost;
Since when you are so sensitive about the prices?
If my mind serves me well, I am the one who buy items here;
You count things in our fridge, what got into you mind?
You pay attention at how many times do I bath a day;
Forgetting that I am a woman, I need to bath time to time;
Since when bathing is a criminal offence?
My face makeup has turn to be a curse to you;
What has got unto you?

I am not complaining, but I state facts of reality;
Our home has turn to be high court, what happened really?
We talk to quarrel, in everything no solution;
I always an issue of bad omen destruction in our home;
This is not our home anymore, I heard from your words;
You nowadays say my home; not our home;
So tell me, where is my home?