I start fights
In the middle of it my mood changes
And be happy
Expecting you to be happy
Sometimes I ghost you
Just to see if you will talk to me
My mood changes every now and then
And expect you to love me the same
I have so many imperfections
And I expect you to accept them all
Yet I will fight you for your imperfection
And want you to change
I will cheat on you
And expect you to be loyal
When you cheat, we break up
And start acting like a victim
I will make you jealous
I will be hot and cold
I will make you feel unloved
I will make you feel like I no longer love you
I will expect you to love me
For being messy when you are clean
I will be patient with you
I will not want anybody to touch you
I will be angry at little things
I will expect you to reply to my texts fast
I will expect you to run after me
Say sorry every now and then
Make you feel like you are wrong
Make you feel like I don’t care
Then tell you I’m sad because you don’t love me
I am insecure
I have insecurities
I have scars
I don’t even know their cause
I bury emotions
I have issues with myself and everybody
Which I don’t even know
I have mood swings
I am a nightmare dressed like
A daydream
When you see me
I’m a toxic lover