Knife drawn through the flame of my past penetrate my back. It paralyzes me as the blade slowly deepens.

You walk away as I bleed out, life drenched from my eyes. Tears wash your footsteps away as society blames me. The same society that steps upon the knife piercing my heart.

Blame you take not, yet you chose to force it upon me. Lies you speak, tarnish my name yet you speak normality. Know you the pain I endeavor on a secondly basis.

Cross I wear upon my chest as a reminder of who I live my life for. Flesh and bones grounded in lies and deceit. You portray a facard of beauty and love.

Yet behind the mask of beautification, darkness is hidden, evil, and a monster you created over the years. You leash out your anger upon the skinless back of mine.

You expect me to smile, laugh, and be merry when my skin is burned off the years of abuse I have endured. Only for you to apply heat to the bone, slowly decaying my life span.

Alone with these nightmares, I sleep. Comfort you not, night screaming from the base of my lungs you hear not my cries. So your voice over my life means nothing.

So I continue to walk upon my own path, blocking out your voice as it utters nothing but hot air.