How can it be day without the sun?
How can it be night without the stars?
It’s only in dreams and imagination,
Just like you deserving me.

You don’t deserve me.
I pray for you
I cry for you
I dare to shed a tear for you,
When you don’t even care what I feel for you
how I feel about you
how much I think about you,
You don’t deserve me.

You’re like the sun and I’m the sunflower,
You’re gone for days
and I die without you…anyways,
You won’t even appear as I cast out my last breath
You don’t deserve me.

I’m delicate, I admit
at least I’m generous.
Overlooking all your flaws and the lies
about you..I let it pass like kites,
Shifting all the blame on me..when it’s you.
But it’s all for nothing in return..
You won’t even throw a glance at me!
You don’t deserve me!

At least say something so I don’t waste my time,
My heart won’t break its fine,
Your actions already define,
that You don’t deserve me.

All those hours, minutes and seconds I wasted,
Thinking you might actually deserve me,
After all the truth is,
You don’t deserve me.