I guess you are over the moon
Now that you’ve runed my mood
You robbed me of my happiness
Took advantage of my goodness

I loved you when you had nothing
Struggled with you during hard times
But you strived to dissapoint me with everything
The minute you found gold, you started knowing your types

You began to forgett the sacrifices I made for you
And all the things that we went through
In your eyes I became a toy
And you started behaving like a boy
You made me your punching bag
Even when I tried to beg
You continued hurting my body
And treated me like nobody

You stole away my dignity
And flushed out my peace inside me
My tears were like juice to you
You enjoyed licking them
You enjoyed the taste of my pain

I hope one day you understand, the damage you caused inside me
I am no longer the same
You destroyed me