Sometimes the only thing
That gives me hope is
That when I look at her
I become happy,
Happy of knowing that
I love her and she loves me too.

Or maybe my all problems are nothing
When she’s by my side
Oh yes love is what I feel inside
And someday I really wish to make
Her my wife or maybe all will be done
By my side

And God would’ve given me the perfect
Gift any man can ask for but mostly what I can ask for
So therefore apart from my flaws
And my oh my, girl I really love you

Just to let you know I love you,
I really do
So if does happen that i die first before
Actually giving you all that you want and all I promised just know I love you
It might not be perfect love but yes it’s enough
For both of us my love.

My heart and home
Without you I’m all alone
So please come back home
Home where you belong
Where we belong together
And that is my story to you
See you home