I trust you.
I admire you.
I want you.
You can be wrong a hundred of time.

We can be mad at each other.
But nothing! nothing in this world can change the fact that my love for you is and will always be there for you.
I love you not yesterday or tomorrow but forever engraved in my being.
I have just realized something that I need you like a baby needs it’s mother care.

Maybe not the stars or the moon can ever steal your smile.
If the sun shines for you know it is me beside you.
If rain ever poured on you better know that I am the rainbow that will appear after that.

If a billion loved you, I am one of them.
If a single person loved you, it is me.
You never received any love from anything better know I am six feet under.

I feel in love with you because you saw the war within me and you chose to stay.
You could have flew away and loved another one.
But you remain by my side and built me to be a better man.
What scares me the most is never finding someone like you.
Should you depart before me.
If that day comes I will go to the grave blinded by your memories.