You may say

They may not say


You are a murderer

How do you sleep

You ruined his confidence

You ruined her pride

No longer flawless in her flesh

You are slowly killing him

You are slowly killing her

What did she ever do to you

His mental health is sick

Vomiting suicidal thoughts

Infuriating phobias

She wishes she had amnesia

He wished he was dead

Do what you have to do

But please don’t murder them

Don’t murder them

He feels shit

She feels unseeable

Why do you kill them emotionally

They die slowly.

As they die slowly

The earth nukes each other up

Then and there, they want our words


Breaking each other

Day goes by

Hours watch

Minutes laugh

A week stands in despair

Oh! Dear, dear, dear life

I try to grasp the strength

Words fail to make up

A one-sided Russian Roulette

You are a murderer!