She said that she can’t be with me.
Cause she’s a lesbian.
She said she became a lesbian for a reason.
She said that she was tired of going through the same thing over and over again.
All the men in her life have left her down in some way.
Her hero her best friend left her all alone in this big bad world.
Her first love cheated on her with her bestie and they are now married.
Her second love abused her emotionally and physically.
Her father was never a father to her.
But I asked her what about me.
I’m not going to put her through all of that.
I’m not promising to give her the moon and the stars.
But I’ll give her my love, my time, my attention and respect.
I’ll treat her like the queen she is.
But she said that she has made up her mind.
The girl I love…
She’s been through a lot.
Whenever she’s crying or not okay I’m hurting.
So I’ll just be a friend for her and make sure that she’s always happy and safe.
I’ll be her guardian angel.
She deserves only the best.