She cried so sadly,
She felt pain so badly,
I starred at her so closely,
Tears falling off her face, slowly,
I felt her pain so sincerely,
And held her so tightly.

The moment of comfort, so quietly,
Her heart beat so fiercely
but as i embraced her warmly,
Its rhythm gave in calmly.

Wiping tears of custody
denied her so delicately,
To ever grieve so sorrowfully,
A misfortune is laid plainly
To disturb cheerfulness, blindly
excitement harshly
joy brutally,
Sripped away from the hearts that conquered it,
so mercilessly.

Pain so unforgettably, tragic,.
Rage rising within them so aggressively,
Like the burning sun…
Conquering them.

Unpleasant memories,
Forcefully tormenting them, pressing them a million feet down,
so strongly.
Unfairly turning them into slaves of despair,
Clipping their wings,
Denying them room to bloom so miraculously!
Denying them to be the light they truly are…