Thando lwam. 
Dear sthandwa sam
It’s now been too long 
Ever since you left 
I now gotta spend Christmas 
New year without you 
No midnight kiss
No sweet Christmas messages 
But why 
Why did you have to leave 
Why did you choose to go 
December ain’t a December no more 
Quality time 
Late night walks 
All gone 
Gone up to paradise
I now save money 
Jus to try text you 
Hoping you’d return
But whilst I type 
I remember that 
You gone 
Gone up to paradise 
So who do I share my tears with 
Who do I share my troubles with 
For why did you go so soon 
Our dreams 
Our hopes 
All gone 
All gone up to paradise 
For dear Bambo lwam 
Rest Easy boy