God who makes impossible possible,
He who made everything from nothing,
From a word of mouth things came to be,
Lion whose roar shakes strong walls,
Yahweh! Ebenezer! El-Shaddai never disappoint.

His voice is penetrating the air,
Great promises and revelation,
You are coming from afar and going far,
The thorns you’ve stepped on won’t matter,
Just believe and shout a big ‘Amen’.

Your name will open great doors,
Good news will locate your residence,
Because it’s God the Almighty,
Who’s writing your life story,
All these will be fulfilled as you still live.

The big posters you admire today,
Tomorrow you are the one to be admired,
Your life will never be the same again,
You will be on round table with big titles,
Bodyguards will walk beside you.

You’ll rise from grass to grace,
From formless zero to a hero,
Your tears will be turned into joy,
Because you deserve the best,
Your jar will forever be full and never dry.