I’m waiting at my window gazing at the

moon, as the noise of the evening wolves

is calling call out for the lonely mornings:

My thoughts has quenched starry nights.

See the light escapes behind the moon.

Thing’s have been left unsaid, while the

dep’t of pain it’s left unpaid; sadness

said I’m staying without convincing

it’s madness.

Autumn winds has quickly showed

it’s life skills and communication:

like the temptation without inspiration.

Cold breeze freezes the tears of joy,

that lost their way through many years

unto thine soul.

I don’t want to forget how painful,

and sorrowful life has been stolen

from the presence of my harmony,

by the power of the societies that

doesn’t understand the meaning of

remorse and mercy…

Always boasting on a force of

anguish; through the spirit of the

righteousness in disguise, I’m waiting

at my window gazing at nature, trying

to tell me that thing’s will surely be okay:

nurturing with the power of love unseen.

I believe in vindication do you?

Because I waited for death but it never came.