Beautiful colours clouding my mind,
Making my body movements into a whined,
With mother earth also very kind,
Searching my heart for whatever I can find,
Just to come across many things in a bind.

I cry every other day,
And cry every night,
How I feel I dare not say.
All I am waiting for is to see the light.
If only I would have my way,
How everything will seem so bright.

Why I cry, do I even really cry?
How every time I gather my best to try,
To reach those goals that are high in the sky!
How even those you seek a helping hand become dry.
How you can throw them onto a pan and fry.

Trembling lips bleeding with pain
Red is the colour, colour of peace the one I beg!
Scarred face, all the suffer is what I gain.
Most things I ask for, they just pull my leg.
How I miss the moist smell of soil after rain.
How I live my life, attached to hate by a peg.
Sea water running down the fertile land,
Destroying every volubility like cheap band.
Only if an individual could lend me a hand,
Begging the almighty for a single rand,
So that I will be able to get past quick sand.

A moist cave liberating a painful sound.
Quivering body terribly, feeling helplessly tired.
Hoping to eternally spread happiness around.
Reassuring myself that joy will once be hired,
And the despair will finally be found,
So that it may make its way and be fired.

Instantly again the chapter that was cold,
Will now be able to be put away and sold,
So that, those that curse may be told,
To grab all their tongues, for long they will hold,
Because as I know that I’m made of gold.

Tears that make the sun of tomorrow shine,
For that tomorrow the light will guide.
All in order moving chronologically in a line.
Awaiting no evil to take me for a ride.
Grinding the wicked into powder so fine,
And having the sea to wash away it by a single tide.