Old Jimmy was a friend of mine

He would refute to be talked in past

‘Although the flesh and bones are laid

The spirit is roaming around us, it lives

It thrives, it inspire laughter and bliss.’

Old Jimmy would say, rocking his chair

He believed, oh! He was a Believer, 

In the power of his people even beyond.

He acknowledged my tender age with smile

Followed by words of pity and wisdom

‘You’re still young my Son, you will get it

As time passes you’ll learn we’re more.’

Now this is what I didn’t get about him

He disliked socials, O’ Jim didn’t keep friends

He would pass his pocket flask for a sip

Upon my polite and respectful refusal

He would smile and sip his bitter waters

And say ‘That’s why I like you, my Son’

I have come to understand his love of me,

As I swirl my whiskey in tinkling rocks

I saved this old man his medicine of life

When I raise up a glass it’s to O’ Jim my friend.