What if…
What if I wasn’t born to live,
What if I was born to learn,
What if I am here because of what I could bring or change,
What if…
What if the life I’m living wasn’t mine to live,
What if my life wasn’t chosen for me ,
What if I chose it for myself,

What if the struggles ,pain and suffering were chosen for me ,
Would I be here live ,be happy or just…
Or just pretend everything was okay,
What if my dreams are not mine to live ,but mine to die for ,
What if my dreams were planted on my mind,
Would I be here still living ?

What if my friends were chosen for me,
Would I still carry on being their friend,
What if I chose them to escape from my pain,
But end up losing the person I am,
But what if losing myself is an adventurer discovering something new,
Discovering many things about you,

What if I was meant to cry now and be happy then,
But what if being happy now makes me happier then,
Would the life I’m living to of a lie,
What if the what ifs are what I want for me to live the life I want,
But I guess the what ifs could change my beliefs.