“there’s no such thing as life that’s better than yours”- J.Cole.


As I look at myself in the mirror

I see nothing but a beautiful young girl

My beauty has no error

I always try to fight this urge,

The urge of complimenting myself

But I guess that’s the only failure I got.

Dark or light. High or low.

Rich or poor. Heaven or hell.

I’m still going to remain beautiful,

It comes from within, naturally so.


Fitting in will never be my thing

Duh…my vibe is totally different

I believe that I’m kind hearted

But stupid people think that I’m conceited

Is it because of my confidence?

Well, boo-hoo cause I’m not quitting it

You know the vibe is pure when I’m around

Perfectionist, smart and fun

In that order!


I am who I think I am

A queen that always reigns supreme

The one that lives her life with no shame

I lead my own life with no hesitation

I walk it like I talk it

You’d swear I’m walking on top of gold

The same gold that I’m made of

Me, the golden girl. Chile!

It’s either me or no one.

Leader, successor, superior