I heard you screaming and I tried looking away
But I could not ignore the cries of agony and pain
I realized that I was also to blame not you alone
I realized with you I was safe, I was at home
I’m not a rapper nor am I a poet
I just write down my truth so you can know it
Allow no one to invade your inner circle
Jump over them like you’re in a race because they hurdles
True greatness comes to those who wait
We have all seen Hells Gate

Got away from the jokes for just this once
Don’t judge the ones who reduce the pain by passing blunts
Imagine looting, saying you’re protesting, lying and screaming “Free The Man”
Deep inside you have a knowing that he hasn’t done anything for our land
The idiocracy you have led to the death of many
Look around you, the next bullet can take out any
I have used up too much of your time I apologize
I hope you realize I wasn’t telling lies because you’ve seen it with your two eyes.