Don’t cry for me when I’m gone

I’ve suffered enough,

I’ve gone through hell

The world shows me no mess

Life keeps on knocking me down no matter

How hard I try.

People who are bound to love and protect me

Are nowhere to be found

I’m all alone in this horrible world.

The pain keeps on smothering inside

Me every single moment of my life.

Where I went wrong?

What have I done to deserve all this pain?

Oh why am I suffering?

What must I do to be forgiven?

My eyes are always filled with tears

Happiness and I are incompatible

I’m the slave of pain and emptiness.

My Lord, where are you?

Please dear Father set my soul free.

All I think of death,

I don’t have strength to fight anymore

I’ve been trying and trying

But it keeps on getting worse every single day

What is that unforgivable sin I’ve committed

Oh dear Father show me your mercy.