What do I mean by that you may ask?
It means not being able to be seen.
Why I would want to be like that you ask?
Because I am all covered in sheen.
Wish that I could live life through a lance
Only if I could gain all I desire by a glance.

I want to feel the comfort of living in a bubble.
Wanting to feel the comfort of having to trouble.
I don’t understand why you’re so cold.
If only I could be like an eagle so bold.
Logged between the real world and dreams.
Only if worm holes were real as the sweetness of cream.

Lightless motions through knowledge creations of this worlds.
Living and breathing through knowledge of wise words.
Praying upon the sky to hide me, I praise my lords.
Doing magic, a disappearing act in torrid mist,
At the end of each fatal day, I am a somnambulist.