Slowly but surely. I am wasting away!

Daily promised love never came,

Cold, empty, and silent hugs never lasted,

I trusted, I gave in, and I fell in,

In nothing for nothing at all.

“Love doesn’t exist, your mind.

Is playing tricks on you and your heart listens”.

Are words from a brutally honest friend,

Words I fought daily to win arguments,

If only I knew that this very day,

I’d want to use them as my strong debate points,

However, in the deep of the deep,

Within my heart,

I know love exists,

Only but for just a few chosen,

Strong hearted, enduring ones,

Probably those with metal hearts,

To me it will remain only but just a wind,

A wind that I will chase for all my life,

Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly without catching!

Would I catch it,

It’ll turn to a brutal consuming fire

That will devour my innocent, raw, and pre heart.

My used and broken heart

Prays only but just for the truest form of love,

Because another crack in the remaining pieces of my heart,

I am dead!